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IP Information

IP Address
Country country flag South Africa
Region Northern Cape
City Kimberley
Latitude -28.73226
Longitude 24.76232
ZIP Code 8745
Time Zone UTC +02:00
ISP Telkom SA Ltd.
Domain telkom.co.za
Proxy Type -
Net Speed DSL
Usage Type (ISP) Fixed Line ISP, (MOB) Mobile ISP
IDD Code 27
Area Code 053
Elevation 1225 meters
Weather Kimberley (SFXX0028)
Weather Condition View Weather
Abuse Recorded

Reported on 05 Aug, 2021 01:01:11 PM

Purpose Brutal Attack

Purpose Abuse! Unauthorised Connection, Brutal Attack, Password Hack Attempt, Illegal Port Scan, Stream Ripper Bot!

This site uses the IP2Location geolocation data which is available for download at https://www.ip2location.com. If you would like to check if the given IP address is an proxy, you may use this tool IP Proxy Detection for lookup.

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